[New Release]  Zee & Eli are back with a second release on their new label ZiiZii Records.  With songs from The Hidden Truth still ringing in your ears, we get There’s a Stranger in My Bed, with more than a handful of great tracks that are sure to get you going.  With remixes from Ardalan, Gog, Lee Webster, and Martin Augustin, this is surely a record to set things off.

‘Meat Licker’ is a playfully dark and seductive track with foreboding vibes and a treacherous groove.  Martin Augustin slows it down, adding an enchanting melody, while giving it some flare by adding those classic 808 sounds.   ‘Dance To The Beat’, the other original off this release is a hip and funky take on a retro style, that still seems fresh and new.  Ardalan, in a fine Dirtybird style, gives this track a jumpy booty shaking kick that is light hearted and tribal.   Gog brings it with that signature gangsta Sexican sound that is just taking the dance scene by storm, a total destroyer of speakers, this one needs to be played loud!  Finally, Lee Webster delivers with a sublimely charismatic remix that is soulful with a stone cold groove.

Another smashing success from ZiiZii Record and Zee & Eli.  These two are coming strong out of the gates and I don’t foresee them stopping anytime soon.  Keep your eyes peeled for these two, cause they are definitely making moves.


Artist:  Zee & Eli
Title:  There’s a Stranger in My Bed
Label:  ZiiZii Records
Catalog No.:  ZII002

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