Fresh off the back of releasing his album ‘Altered Perception’, we caught up with Turkish producer Ongun Tütüncü to get a deeper insight into the electronic project.

Hey Ongun, fantastic to have the chance to speak with you, how has your summer been so far?

First of all, I would like to thank you for conducting this interview with me. Throughout the summer season, I have performed at numerous events and festivals, which of course has caused my production to slow down a bit. However, sharing energy with people is one of the most motivating aspects of this job. I really love taking people on a musical journey.

You are set to release your second album ‘Altered Perception’, can you tell us a bit about the creative process behind this one?

My first album, “Liquid Transfer,” was a 12-track work in the liquid drum and bass genre released under the alter ego “Liquid Transfer.” This album, on the other hand, is my first release under my own name. Speaking about the creative aspect of the album, we can say that I merged many styles that people enjoy listening to into a single composition. From electronic to electro, house to techno rhythms, and even the beloved ambient glitch textures that I adore, I tried to incorporate them into the album. Additionally, there’s even a track in the liquid drum and bass genre. Working with multiple styles, for me, means surpassing boundaries and I feel that this way, I can reach and touch more people.

What have been the biggest differences when working on your second album compared to the first?

As mentioned in the previous question, my first album was single-genre focused, more specific, and instrumental. This album, however, has turned into a musical celebration consisting of various genres.

Can you take us into your studio, what are you most used pieces of equipment?

My studio setup is quite minimal, and I mostly work on a computer. In my previous musical experiences and studio sessions, I had the chance to work with analog devices, which was a unique pleasure. However, I’ve come to realize that I can achieve the same quality using computer-based tools, which has also saved me a lot of time. I primarily use plugin-based systems, but one thing I pay attention to is that I try to create all my sounds from scratch and avoid using samples, which makes my tracks more unique to me.

How has the Turkish music scene impacted the sound you make?

Unfortunately, in the electronic music scene in Turkey, there isn’t much room for diverse sounds. I constantly see an audience and community of producers who follow the ongoing trend of popular culture music. However, one of my principles in music production is that listeners also need to hear different things, and this can be provided by professional producers.

Do you have any favourite tracks from the collection?

It’s difficult to pick a favorite track within the album because each has its own story and satisfaction. However, if I have to choose one, “Low Boy” was a bit more special for me and it was a style I hadn’t tried before.

What else do you have planned for the remainder of 2023?

I’m aiming for 2 more albums in 2023. One of them will be a liquid drum and bass album under my alter ego “Liquid Transfer,” and the other will be released under my own name. The latter will have a flow that’s a bit more geared towards heating up the dance floors.

Can we expect any remixes of the original works? Who would be your dream remixer?

I’d like to emphasize that I’m open to any offer that interprets my sound uniquely, but among the names I’d most like to collaborate with are “James Holden” and “Special Request.”

What would you like to leave behind as your legacy within the music scene?

Leaving behind a musical story that will live on for years to come is one of my biggest goals. I wish for everyone who listens to understand that I’ve encapsulated my life in small pieces of music throughout various periods. This would make me happy while I’m alive and immortalize me even after I’m gone.

Pick up a copy of ‘Altered Perception’ here.