Almost one year to the day has passed since the release of Abyss’s last album, “Into the Abyss.” September 1, 2023, marks the Berlin DJ’s return to the club stage with his third and latest album, “Hadrium.” A single under the same name has already been available on all major streaming platforms and can only be described as a mouthwatering tip of the iceberg.

The track is defined by a dark, driving, and clear beat, progressively navigating through synth patterns and culminating in a result that begs you to get up and move – it seems hard to imagine how anyone could sit still listening to this banger.

Abyss has been a major driving force in 90s German and European Techno – his name forever linked to the era. However, during the early 2000s, Abyss largely stepped back from the stage to focus on other endeavors. He has been somewhat active since 2012 again, regularly releasing remixes on SoundCloud – with subsequent live gigs after 10 years of absence. 2020 drove Abyss back into the studio, and his tireless work paid off. Not only for him but also for his listeners, as in 2021 he released a collection of remastered classics titled “Paleance.” His second album, “Into the Abyss” (2022), can be described as a creative endeavor through different stylistic realms, including Chillout, DeepHouse, and FloorTechno.

While “Hadrium” contains not only a Trip-Hop but also a Halfbeat track, Abyss has clearly shifted this album’s focus back to the techno clubs of his early career. In doing so, he reminisces about his years of live gigs and enriches the eight remaining tracks with a deep, sometimes gloomy line between minimalistic house beats and straight techno sounds. What’s more, he built “Hadrium” as a parallel to a progressive DJ set during his years of helming the Techno scene of Berlin in the 90s.

“I brought together the memory of the energy and ecstasy from my years of DJ gigs with my current influences and inspiration in the studio. Images of danced-through nights fuse on ‘Hadrium,’ as well as moments of conscious deceleration. My new album takes you on a journey through the night – from sunset to the detached peak in the club, to the early morning and the first warming rays of sunshine.”

‘Hadrium’ is available for download and streaming on all major platforms as of September 1st, 2023.