That feeling of absolute release. That rush of exulted passion and freedom. These first post-lockdown parties are the stuff dreams are made of. So bring those dreams closer… with ‘Closer Dreams’ the massive return EP from Yunus Güvenen.

Breaking through in the peak of prog, the Turkish New Yorker’s emotional sounds have been a prominent flavour on Bedrock for many, many years. Never spamming us, he only ever releases when he has something real and authentic to say. And boy does he have something to say right now…

Proudly presented by Do Not Sit On The Furniture, ‘Mağica’ and ‘Making Peace’ are his first original tracks in over two years and they’re both incredible returns to form. Stately, earnest and physically rippling with feelings; everything about both these tracks captures the mood right now… That need for pure, feel-good dance music that blasts away the lockdown cobwebs with electrified swathes of goosebumps.

Making Peace is out 7/24/2020 on Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings


Artist: Yunus Guvenen
Title: Making Peace
Label: Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings
Release Date: 2020-07-24




Turn it up & enjoy!