Kindisch welcomes French mastermind YokoO to the label with his sensual and moving EP, ‘SATYA’. The title track bring us warm percussion topped off with long, drawn out pads and elegant notes jumping around the track. The track holds its energy back for the most part, creating a beautiful ambience and amazing warm up or after-hour vibe. The next track, ‘Shaping Our Own Reality’ fills the room with deeper percussion first, while simmering for a while to set the mood. With noticeably more energy than ‘Satya’, this track leads us into the night. Using the same sonic signature of ‘Satya’, the track again features long drawn out pads for dramatic effect, as well the hopping synth notes on top. Building up to the break with a fitting vocal sample of 1950s, the track then lets the piano and strings creep leading to a dramatic end.


Artist:  Yokoo
Title:  Satya EP
Label:  Kindisch
Catalog No.:  KD081