You have probably heard of Jacky by now. He is a fling moves with his DJ sets and no frills, plenty of fun productions. Now he starts his own label and enlist plenty of his pals for smiler music thrills. First up are YINGYANG and Ren Phillips who bring plenty of freshness to the table.

AAA opens up with block rockin house beats and scraping percussion that sweeps you off your feet. Dark vocals add fuel to the fire and mean this one will go right off. Buddha Flute is more stripped back, with knocking rubber drums hitting hard and trippy little synths freaking you out. Jungle then turns you inside out with loose percussive loops and jumbled hits that are extra party starting and last of all Pain and Panic builds the techno pressure with more oestrous kick drums and lively samples. This is floor facing, high impact music with real personality.

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