Indiana Tones rounds out a great year with a bumper 13 track collection of tunes that showcases what they are all about. It has new and old jams on offer, with deep house and tech styles all explored with equal style and invention. 

Get Back is the first track out of the blocks and is six minutes of rolling tech with vibey pianos over the top. A Nhan Solo remix of Frey then gets more chunky and sweaty before Bombay Traffic’s Get Loose is a squelchy, filter heavy number full of joy. Elsewhere there are deeper, stripped back cuts from the likes of KlangTherapeuten and Pete Adams that will linger long in the memory such is their dynamic sense of mood. 

Dilby’s Invisible is a nice spaced out roller at the midpoint that has sci-fi synths bringing the cosmic vibes. Absolution from SHMN feat Jindau is another killer with pinging kick drums and wonky synths burrowing late into he night, as well as some emotive vocals. Things round out with a Marcus Brodowski remix of Possession that is dreamy and thoughtful and proves this label is about feeling as much as functional fun. 

This is a fine collection for DJs looking for some weekend dynamite, as well as dancers looking for something to get them going before they go out for the weekend. It also reminds us just why this label is one of the finest out there. 

Year of The Rooster – Indiana Tones Best of 2017 Compilation

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