Double the trouble and you’ll triple the fun – after the end of Trickski earlier this year, Yannick Labbé decided to make a record together with one of his favourite upcoming producers: Dominik Marz. The result: the 3-tracker ‘Out Of The Other Side EP’ on Suol. ‘Out Of This Cage’ is a prime slice of leftfield house music featuring the quirky vocals of Nils Corssen (which some might know from his collab on Daniel Bortz’ album). ‘Other Side’ carries you off to the, erm, well…other side of house music dreamy, melodic, its everything you need for the very early or very late party-moments. The Rampue remix of ‘Out Of This Cage’ finally injects some techno flavour into the whole package while integrating Corssen’s vocals even more than the original cut – made for the dancefloor, made of melodies.


Artist:  Yannick Labbe
Title:  Out Of The Other Side
Label:  Suol
Catalog No.:  SUOL056