French artist and former member of the Human Body project, Yannick Baudino remains a key figure in the Grenoble music scene and is the co-founder of record store Record Interface, which became a label that went onto sign the likes of OXIA, The Hacker, Kiko and more.

Following the release of his ‘Are You Sure’ EP  with remixes from OXIA and Bizen Lopez on Diversions Music, he now enlightens us with his ‘Top 10 Tracks Of The Moment’.

Denney, James Dexter – Lucid Dreams  – Rebellion Records 

I like the deep house class side of this track, he is full of emotion,
it reminds me of the coming summer, perfect for a pool party.

Three Less One – I’m Afraid You Will Stay  – Moodmusic Records 

Groove and atmospheric track, very pleasant to listen to, perfect  in the morning when I wake up when the sun rises.

Genning – Rings Of Planet – Greyscale Label

Techno dub vibe with deep aerial sound, he’s very happy, lively, he makes you want to move, to go on an adventure.

Tibi Dabo – Disbelieve – Crosstown Rebels 

Melodic track, with emotion and a nice evolution of the main sound, I like its hypnotic,  refined side, we can listen to it over and over.

Walking With Kings – Opus – Inward Records

Track also melodic, minimalist and hypnotic, perfect to enhance a DJ set, I like it simplicity,  it is organic, minimalist and complex at the same time.

Quilla – We All Have Shadow (Ryan Crosson Remix) – Visionquest 

This tells a story, a beautiful transition with an acid sound that comes in the middle of the track, I love the originality of its rhythm, its quirky side and its evolution.

Aleeg – I’m Not Trust Anymore – IWANT Music

Minimal techno, groove, groove and more groove, very pleasant to play, 
its structure is perfect for mixing, adding energy.

Ohmme – Flee – Diversions Music 

Tech house groove with a devastating bass line, impossible not to dance on this track,  
it is perfect in its style, it makes you want to move your shoulders.

Miles Mercer – Fever Trees – Secondnature & Friends

Electro techno with a magnificent arpeggio sound, evolving, a super track of its kind, timeless with a modern new wave side.

Martin Landsky – Triage – Rejected  Records 

Track dub techno groove old school, Dave Clarke style, we never get tired, it reminds me of a time, the 90s, raves, the beginning.

Yannick Baudino ‘Are You Sure’ EP  with remixes from OXIA is out now on Diversions Music.
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