Thursday, July 18 marks the launch of the new event concept series, Bass Haüs, at one of the most unique and malleable venue spaces in Los Angeles, The Think Tank Gallery. We wanted to write this followup post to our last one that announced the event, to once again express our true excitement for this collaboration project. Moreover, the true power of this event is in its amalgamation of forces, is in that there is something deep happening here – the fusing of scenes, the melding of cultures and demographics that will result in something truly special. For starters, let’s take a look at who is throwing this party.


Faux Entertainment

The lead on this project is best known for their artist management and grand touring schedules that go along with managing an international roster. They throw sell-out parties at venues like Nikki Beach in Miami and their talent is regularly found touring the world.

A promotional partners and supplier of the LA-famed DJs Bones & Troy Kurtz, GDD is one of the biggest music blogs in the country, spreading the good word on almost all genres of electronic music. If you’ve ever been to the EDC or HARD, then you’ve likely seen someone wearing a GDD tank-top or tee.




Like us, RollingTuff are new kids on the block who have managed to capture the hearts underground thrill-seekers in California. It seems they are only getting bigger and TUFFer as time goes on, and we seem to run into them at an increasing number of international music festivals. Based primarily out of Los Angeles and San Francisco, they’ve gotten themselves involved with some of the best underground parties in the country.


MIFL_Logo11 (1)

Music is 4 Lovers

Oh wait, that’s us! We are San Diego-based but currently running the site from all over the world. We’re contributing me, Jon Dadon, to the lineup on this party, but we also take a lot of pride in the fact that we’ve all come together to support a show with music that’s right up our alley. We market to the underground and independent music lover, but we love expanding our horizons and pushing the boundaries of music discovery.


The bottom line here is that we are all very different, but in a way, all very much the same. We all have a strong desire to reach as many people as we can through the music we love and we all have a strong reputation for being good at what we do. For Bass Haüs, all our worlds will collide and will create a specially formulated conglomeration of all the best southern California has to offer. The co-creation of community serves as a springboard for the grander future of the experiences we so love. Bass Haüs is not an experience to miss if you’re available to attend. If not for the music, then for the people. If not for the people, then for the venue. If not for the venue, then for the art, the act of creating. There’s really something for everyone here. Sick, it will be.




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-Slow aka Jon Dadon