The admirable Will Saul teamed up with Komon once again to create this Lost In Time EP. Will Saul releases a variety of music from techno, house, UK Bass, dub and exceeds at breaking genre rules. His productions are breathtaking and this EP keeps up the momentum. Released on one of the largest electronic music companies on the planet, Cologne-based, Kompakt Records.

Adding Ben Westbeech on the EP “Lost In Time” is a beautiful melodic track with a techno kick, house feel and sensual vocals. It screams with intricate kicks and ringing bass. “Digital Paradise” is like walking through a dream jungle with squawking animal like sounding synths as you boogie along the path towards the seductive harmony of voice. “Drone” is delicately woven by chirps and long holds that form together on top of a dance style beat to make a track that rings the speakers with delight.  This EP is beautiful production of shapes in sound.


Artist: Will Saul, Komon, Ben Westbeech
Release Date:
Label: Kompakt
Label:Catalog No: Kompakt 357

Will Saul & Komon – Lost in Time
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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor