Out of David Sidley’s aka Whyt Noyz’s self-built studio we get an immense EP The God’s Clap rising from Elevate.  This quickly advancing label from Pig and Dan keeps pumping out fire. Blending the groove of post-minimal techno with live percussive elements, deft rap samples and striking imprints, Whyt Noyz distributes a reverberating sound . “As my creative mind has developed, so has the sound. It has evolved into something more considered and memorable. A sound that has a stronghold in something peak-time and driving but with melodic elements to help captivate the mind.” – David Sidley

Soaring in “The Gods Clap” features heavy drums and hair raising synths to lift heart rates to higher levels with its faster tempo and impelling builds. Spektre reworks the track with bells, rabble-rousing high hats, and concentrated synths. “Russian Doll” draws in it with resonating vocals interwoven smoothly into a compelling groove that takes it up in the atmosphere and exhorts the mind.  The EP is ravishing techno and will bring dance floors up to an other worldly level.


Artist: Whyt Noyz, Spektre
Release Date:
Label: Elevate
Label:Catalog No: ELV55

The Gods Clap – Whyt Noyz
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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor