Whet Travel, the leader in independent music cruise experiences, raised $25,412 over Memorial Day weekend May 21-24, 2020, for those in need due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their Groove Cruise Virtual Sail Aways live stream events have benefitted the Whet Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Fund with almost $40,000 raised to date. 100% of all proceeds go to easing the financial burden of artists experiencing hardships, health workers keeping us safe, employees and contractors that have been laid off, and to friends and family in the dance music community who are experiencing hardships. The COVID-19 Relief Fund provides tax-free funds for any number of hardships; including unanticipated healthcare costs, rent or mortgage payments, utility expenses, food, medicine, and other necessities. This second round of relief has allowed the company to send over 150 people relief grants. As of now, Groove Cruise has received nearly $150,000 in grant requests, and are openly stating they will continue onward to give their community of 16 years the essentials they need to get through this unprecedented pandemic. 

Over the weekend, the Groove Cruise Virtual Sail Aways Live saw up to 100,000 viewers, alongside 55 artists, performing live from all over the world, live mixed visuals, a virtual sleepover, a magic show with Carl Michael as seen on America’s Got Talent, costume themes, artist activities, and more. Headliners such as Sam Feldt, Haliene, Nifra, Fox Stevenson, and more, took the simulated stage with one focus, to help the Whet Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Fund raise as much as possible in order to help as many people as possible. By the end of the weekend’s festivities, there had been three all-nighters, a multitude of DJ donation incentives, and a whole lot of teamwork, capping their number at $25,412. The CEO and Founder of Whet Travel, Whet Foundation, and Groove Cruise, Jason Beukema states, “With the cruise industry locked down for the foreseeable future and many people in our community experiencing hardships and even deaths from COVID19, we felt an extreme urge to do something. It’s been heartwarming to see the artists, our Captains, and so many more from around the world join this mission and provide hope to those who are in desperate need.”

Finishing strong, the Whet Travel team, also known as #TEAMGETSHIPDONE, have expressed gratitude to simply be able to help those who have made up their 16 years in the travel and entertainment industries. One of the grant applicants who received relief wrote in and said, “My mom got the check thank you so much. She wrote a thank you note and is sending it back to you guys in Florida. I can’t express how much this means that you guys would think of me and my family and help us out like this. Thank you thank you thank you. You and all of Whet are incredible.” Groove Cruise has begun looking into major label and artist partnerships for the coming months. They have again reiterated that anyone seeking assistance is still able to apply for a hardship relief grant directly on the Groove Cruise website. They are also still taking donations there towards this effort to give back directly to the dance music community. 

For the latest Whet Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund updates, visit the Groove Cruise website, and follow the event on TwitchFacebookInstagram and Twitter