Rebeca Macias, better known as Rivka M, brings out the dark techy sounds when she mixes and produces.

Rivka M has been a key figure in the Baja California, México scene for several years — throwing  events in Ensenada and Tijuana, and also dabbling into San Diego — her most recent party series, Who’s Who, has garnered much respect in the region. Previous WH8’s guests include many greats: dOP, Doc Martin, Jimpster, Hoj, MANIK, Halo, Métrika, Brian Cid, Bill Patrick, Dewalta, Phil Weeks, PillowTalk, Sunshine Jones, and many more local Baja and San Diego studs.

Aside from the parties, Rivka M has been running her own record label, Glauben Records, alongside fellow Baja Californian, Machino, since 2014; and has featured music from the likes of Butane, Jay Tripwire, Machino, and Rivka M herself.

Constantly hustling, Rivka M is perfect match for the our West Coast Podcast series. Enjoy!







– jams
Jimbo James