Born in Venezuela, Alo Gonzalez, aka Puma, is a DJ and producer known for his carefully curated, groovy sets that perfectly interplay between various styles, working on his session´s progression with the skills and precision of a surgeon.

Since moving to Miami in 2014, Puma has become obsessed with the craft of being a DJ, while never forgetting the pleasure and passion that attracted him to music in the first place. His sound and charisma have reaped many a reward, getting him widely noticed in the club circuit.

In his young career, he has gained the respect of his local peers and built a group of followers who never know what to expect and are always excited to find out. Blending genres as diverse as Romanian techno, French, New York and Chicago house, techno, and minimal, Puma focuses on delivering quality tunes while keeping complete control of the dance floor, creating unforgettable memories for those who get to dance to his sets from the build-up into the late hours.

With a residency at Miami’s top underground institution, The Electric Pickle, and frequent gigs at clubs like Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Treehouse, Floyd, and parties like Secret Garden, Castaway, and Electronic Groove’s Mixing, Puma continues to inspire dancers and music lovers all around.





– jams
Jimbo James