Uone was conceived to the sound of electronic synthesizers. Born with 3 eyes, 4 lobes and headphones attached to his umbilical chord, his fate was predetermined.

Uone is an artist not a DJ, people often confuse the two. His signature style can be described to be deep, chunky and twisted tech house music. He draws on elements from all genres including progressive, minimal, techno, and house, not afraid to blend genres nor styles.

With an attitude that is forever changing and constantly evolving, Uone’s music remains on the forefront of the underground edge. His sets are somewhat of a performance, no one show is the same. Come experience for yourself, this audio eargasm.

In the last decade he performed at countless parties and festivals across the globe, at locations such as Japan, Brazil, Portugal, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Israel, Germany, Morocco and of course Berlin – his second home. You might have already heard his sets at huge international festivals such as Boom (PT), Glade (UK), Universo Paraleo (BR), Fusion (DE), Denmark Electronik Karnival (DK), Ozora (HU) as well as the prestigious clubs in Tokyo, San Francisco, Prague, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, Berlin, Osaka, Lisbon and many other places.

West Coast Podcast 051: Uone

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Jimbo James