San Diego up-and-coming DJ and Retile Society co-founder, TIAGO, sheds his skin for the WCP.

TIAGO is a San Diego raised musical curator catered towards the weird, and is typically known for delivering uplifting sets comprised of deep and worldly elements weaved amongst lush grooves. Tending to levitate towards the more obscure tracks, he generally strives for deep and lucid sounds in regards to his track selections and productions. However, TIAGO is a slave to no genre, and “this mix was concocted from a realm in which I enjoy dipping my tail into from time to time”. Aside from typically playing tribal techno to a dust riddled dance floor, he also is known to deliver minimal and heavy house grooves accompanied by luscious pads and rich dub sounds, at venues and moments of all sorts.

Co-founder and Vibe Ambassador of the growing collective “Reptile Society”, he and his reptilian accomplices have been manifesting parties all over San Diego and San Francisco, and soon everywhere else in between. From warehouse parties to outdoor gatherings, this lizard and his crew have no intention of slowing down.

West Coast Podcast 045: TIAGO

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Jimbo James