Weska Despierta

With much anticipation, Toronto-based producer, Weska, is back with a massive new release for the new year. Summon the darker sounds of the underground with this EP. Brought to us by Octopus Recordings, this 4-track release will transcend you into that euphoric state of mind.

The title track, ‘Despierta’, lures you in with its deep, pounding basslines and beautiful percussion.  Infused with echoed vocals, seductive breaks and lucid atmospherics, this track will surely immerse you into that dark and mysterious realm.  Fly high with ‘Third Eye’, which will absorb you with its powerful bass and haunting vibes throughout. Dive into darkness with ‘The Alley of Lars’. With hypnotic vocal cuts, powerful breaks and deep, infectious bass that will undoubtedly entice you and penetrate you straight to your very core. The bonus track, ‘Friction‘, wraps up the album with its heavy bass and alluring progressions.

Weska’s immense passion for electronic music is ever-present in everything he produces.  Starting with minimal equipment, he has quickly worked his way to commanding dance floors, producing melodic masterpieces and captivating electronic music fans across the globe.  Octopus Recordings, founded by the label’s mastermind, Sian, caters to more of the avant-garde sphere of electronic music, embodying classic modern techno tracks that are consistently hitting Beatport top ten charts and only continuing to climb.

Despierta’ is perfectly executed and enriched with deep tech sound, evoking much emotion while taking you on a melodic journey. The EP is set to release on February 1st of this year.

Artist: Weska
Release Date: 2016-02-01
Label: Octopus Recordings

Weska – Despierta – Octopus Recordings – (Preview)