Great originals deserve great remixes and Jam & Spoon’s iconic “Odyssey to Anyoona”, released in 1993, most definitely matches that profile.

25+ years after it first landed the dancefloors, nobody less than Brazilian DJ and producer Wehbba prepared “Odyssey to Anyoona” for 2022 with a fingerprint remix that really distinguishes him as an artist. He pushes the stylistic needle only as far as is needed in order to connect its subtler harmonies with the persuasive pulse of his backing production. Pushing the tempo into later-night area, he hauntingly pans, echoes and shuttles the track’s vocal around the speakers, gradually building up its intensity.

Jam & Spoon – Odyssey To Anyoona (Wehbba Remix) will be released on Friday, July 8th, 2022 on Black Hole Recordings.
Artist(s): Jam & Spoon, Wehbba
Title: Odyssey To Anyoona (Wehbba Remix)
Record Label: Black Hole Recordings 
Cat.Number: Black Hole 1245-0
Release Date: 8th July 2022

1) Odyssey To Anyoona (Wehbba Remix)
2) Odyssey To Anyoona (Wehbba Extended Remix)