[Mixtapes]  We’ve got a little bit of everything this week, from deep and funky to late-night tech, make sure you peruse each of these podcast for a taste of every flavor.  Our mix pick of the week is from famed Parisian, D’Julz.  The DJ/Producer has been on the grind since 1992, and has since created a slew of classics, played some of the best parties in the world, gained wide-spread recognition and a cultish fanfare.  Today, he keeps on with this legacy and heads the wonderful Bass Culture Records.

Robosonic for the OFF Recordings Podcast


Balcazar and Sordo for the Soulfood Podcast


Mat.Joe September Podcast


Digitaria for the RebelPod


Flashmob for R$N

Flashmob Mix Exclusive for R$N by Theransomnote on Mixcloud

RA Label of the Month Mix // Life & Death // Mixed by DJ Tennis


DJ W!ld for his W!ldWorld Podcast

Mix Pick Of The Week

D’Julz for the Electronic Groove Podcast

The intro sample says it all:

“I’m not into this, to..to press up a mass amount of records. I’m not into this to be travelin’ around the motherfuckin’ world. I’m not into this to impress anybody. I’m into this for my own heart and soul. A lot of people have to work — you gotta go home, you take a bath. cut your grass. A lot of people go home, you fuck your wife. A lot of people go home, you cut your grass. I go home and I fuck that motherfuckin’ MPC alllll fuckin’ night. You understand?” 



-the Mi4L team