[New Mixes] And the heatwave continues this week with these fiery mixes.  The summer season may be coming to a close soon, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still partying under the sun or permeated by humid nights, and these mixes highlight that sexy, sweaty energy. The beautiful calm of fall is approaching, which means we’ll soon hear sets that are more sultry and slow-going — a little more minimal, colder, and deeper in sound — so get your fill of sunshine and hype. Have a great weekend, disco dancers.


This week we celebrate no genres, just dope music, good vibes, happiness, love, and great-m-f-grooves. 


Matt Tolfrey on the BBC1 Essential Mix


 Visionquest for Ibiza Sonica

 Tim Green for Electronic Groove


Andy Ash for Champloo Music Podcast

Andy Ash is an up and coming DJ and producer from Liverpool, England.


Lee Foss for Modern Amusement

Worthy for Toolroom Knights


JPhlip’s U Street Music Hall Promo Mix


Mix Pick of the Week


Greg from Thugfucker at Robot Heart Villa in Mexico

“The last 3 hours of a 14 hour party with our feet in the sand, good vibes all around and a pretty spectacular view. Not to mention a killer soundsystem. We experienced it like a waking dream, all together…”

-the Mi4L team