Hailing from Saint Petersburg, Alexey Romeo has been one of the key players in the Russian music scene since joining it as DJ in 1997.
Alexey Romeo & Pikalov – Get Down EP drops on his own Heartbeat Records today.

1. Hi, great to speak with you Alexey. Can you start by telling us how growing up in Saint-Petersberg shaped your musical tastes from an early age?

Hi! I was born in 1981 and my musical taste was shaped by different musicians. It was mix of hip hop like 2 pac, MC Hammer, Depeche Mode , Russian rock band KINO and later The Prodigy.


2. Would you give us your take on the current electronic music scene in Russia and how it’s changed over the past decade?

Today there are many new creative and talented musicians in Russia. They work in different styles of dance music from techno , house to EDM and commercial sound. Many of them got real success and travel around the world. Some moved to USA and Europe.

Yes of course we prepared a few big names names. And soon we have a tour across Russia with our special label event.

3. Although you have launched several musical labels, you are known for helming the great Heartbeat Records imprint. Would you tell us the story behind its creation in 2012?

On the wave of popularity from foreign festivals in 2012 I decided to found “Heartbeat” – a new EDM-format label ( and we have been supported by Tiesto, David Guetta, Steve Angello, Eric Morillo, etc…)
But very soon I realised that EDM was a wrong choice and changed direction of the label, because all 20 years of my DJ career I was house fan.


4. Your forthcoming Heartbeat release, the ‘Get Down’ EP features two incredible tracks with Pikalov. Would you tell us about how you both tackled these tracks from a creative approach?

Pikalov is a very talented guy. Every release of him is a significant step forward. He has his own special sound.
A great future is undoubtedly waiting for him.



5. Pikalov seems to be a label favourite of Heartbeat. Can you tell us how he was first introduced to your imprint?

In 2017, one of the managers showed me his single. We listened to him and decided, “Wow! We have to get this guy!” Since then, Pikalov has been an active artist of our roster and a regular participant in our showcases.”


6. Looking back at your extremely prolific career as a producer and DJ, could you tell us your top three favourite performances over the years and why?

– Ultra music festival and I wish I would play again at this great festival.
– 50 years celebration of Carl Cox in Space. It was real honour to play that night . This man is absolutely legend. I wish him long years in his life and career and hope to be a guest his 100 years celebration.
– Of course Sensation , this festival has his own special unique atmosphere. I played twice and it’s always great vibes.


7. If you could only keep three bits of equipment from your studio, which would you choose and why?

The master of the groove – Roland TR-909
My favourite synth Roland SH 101
Moog Model D as one of the greatest bass synth ever made.


8. And finally, what can we expect from Alexey Romeo and Heartbeat Records for the rest of the year? Do you have any exciting releases or shows on the horizon?

Yes of course we prepared a few big names names. And soon we have a tour across Russia with our special label event. For now we will not disclose anything, but we are sure that we will certainly surprise everyone this year. We have huge plans, both for high-quality replenishment of the roster of artists, and for large-scale work in the event direction and other media industries ”


Alexey Romeo & Pikalov – Get Down EP is out on Heartbeat Records 22nd February. Buy/Stream Now:

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