The London-based DJ and producer Javier Carballo is known for his sophisticated yet accessible sound and has had a series of successful releases over the last decade on the likes of Underyourseat, Hector’s Vatos Locos and Blind Vision Records.

He now turns to Play It Say It to showcase his unique ability in the studio with a powerful EP entitled ‘Loud Jam’.  All four of the tracks on the EP are tasteful and explores a range of different sounds, we wanted to catch up with Javier to find out more about his upcoming projects, this latest release and more.

Javier Carballo presents TERMS ‘Loud Jam’ drops on Play It Say It on 27th September 2019 – previews below.

How is preparation going for your upcoming set at DC-10 on the 20th of September? As you have played at DC-10 before, do you have an idea of what you will be playing or do you go with the vibe once there?

For my first time at DC10 last July I played alone, however, next 20th September I will do it b2b with my partner Hanfry Martinez so this one is a bit different. Anyway, my music is always affected by the way I feel and by the way I connect with the crowd.

With such a wealth of experience playing across the world, do you have any particular events or festivals, like Sunwaves or BPM, that you really enjoy playing at? Are there any specific countries that musically standout out for you?

I definitely love playing in Mexico, Bar Americas is one of my fav clubs in America and of course playing in Sunwaves is always a great experience. Sunwaves never disappoints.

Alongside all of your live performances and gigs throughout the summer, what would you say are your top five tracks for playing out at the moment?

1. Unknown Artist – Island (Original Mix) [Silhouetted]

2. Hanfry Martinez & Carlos Sanchez – Acidtoolz (Original Mix) [Roush]

3. Matt Star – Autumn Leaves (Priku Remix) [Underyourseat Label]

4. Liquid Earth – Rthymh Remote (Original Mix) [TerraFirm]

5. Anderson – Description (Original Mix) [Tresydos]

Do you find that you schedule in more studio time over the winter months whilst concentrating on touring during the summer? If so, do you keep a note of inspirational moments during your gigs which you want to come back to later once in the studio?

Yes, definitely winter is the time for the studio. Summer is always hectic and it’s hard to be in London for more than a week. With regard to my inspiration, I never know when I will get more inspired. Tbh sometimes it takes me ages to make a track and others I can just create a whole EP in a weekend.

Last year you had a special birthday bash event at Mood Club Canarias, how did it go and would you do it again? How was it playing with Voigtmann and Sonja Moonear?

The last bday was a really special one as I was also celebrating my 20th anniversary as a DJ. We organized a big open-air event in the middle of a valley in Gran Canaria – the place where I come from- and then a really funny after-party in Mood club. Being able to share it with these two amazing artists was something else.

Your latest release on Play It, Say It, features analogue sounding samples, such as the acid-like bass on ‘Haggerstation’, do you find you use mainly hardware or software when producing? Are there certain go-to pieces of equipment you always use?

I’m working with analogue hardware and some software, the acid line of Haggerstation is done with a tb303 machine. On this ep, I worked with my Dave Smith Pro 2, Korg Miniolgue, Tb303, and Jommox 909, combined with Logic audio software.

With previous releases on Vatos Locos, Tabla and Underyourseat, how does it feel to now be joining Play It Say It? How has the reaction been so far and who is supporting the tracks?

I’m especially happy to sign to Seth Troxler’s label as he’s one of the artists who I admire the most. To be honest the feedback has been really good and the EP is supported by artists like Hector, Enzo Siragusa, Laurent Garnier or Nicole Moudaber to name a few

What can we expect from you in the last quarter? Do you have any forthcoming projects, exciting winter festivals or anything you’d like to mention?

Thankfully a lot of music is still to come by the end of the year as my EP on Decay Records (London) and Serialism (Berlin). A tour around America where I will go to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Brasil, and some surprises I will reveal at the right moment.

All sounding very exciting and we cannot wait to hear more, thanks for chatting with us today!

Javier Carballo presents TERMS ‘Loud Jam’ drops on Play It Say It on 27th September 2019 – listen/preorder here

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