Swim Fan make their return in the form of ethereal psych-pop anthem Tell Me What U Want.  

Tell Me What U Want uses a smorgasbord of dynamic synths and progressions in synergy with punchy percussions and flowing vocals to create a dreamy soundscape that is incredibly inviting to the listener. The lyrics themselves are as intricate as they are insightful and describe the complexities of a live-in relationship. 

Commenting on the writing process and the message of the finished product the band explains, “”Tell Me What U Want” is about having a fight with an ex, while still living together at the time. The song details the feelings and conversation that take place knowing you both can’t go anywhere”.

The single was accompanied by a video that further enhances the listening experience with a visual tale as outlandish as the song itself. Telling the story of a down on his luck mattress salesman searching for love completely oblivious to the admiration of someone that’s always been there. 

Swim Fan have started to emerge as a big band to watch this year and are consistently delivering a range of psych-pop bangers. Expect big things in 2021.