Here is a great release off of Visionquest by German trio WareikaMadame Scorpion, which is now available on vinyl, is a very special and raw work.

Wareika is an incredibly interesting entity. The project consists of Jakob Seidensticker, Henrik Raabe, and Florian Schirmache, who are all classically trained musicians, and come together to create eclectic tracks that are infused with jazz, afrobeat and balearic influences. The wedding of house, techno and jazz make for wonderfully full and dynamic tracks, which is exemplified in “Madame Scorpion.”

The EP features only two tracks, the original title and a remix by Henrik Schwarz. Strings sweep across the soundscape, and a lovely muted trumpet is sprinkled throughout the track’s complex and cascading percussion. Henrik’s remix is sweet and warm, filled out by pulsating bass and keys.

This is a wonderful release from Visionquest, well worth a purchase on vinyl for you record-heads, and make sure you keep an eye on Wareika.


Buy the 12” HERE