What else could be better than the combination of the legendary Skream’s record label; Of Unsound Mind , and producer Waifs & Strays ?

Waifs & Strays who are no longer a two-man team since 2014 (health issues have Rich Beanland taking a sabbatical), Amos Nelson is continuing on the project solo with his love for pure and simple house music while keeping with the duo’s bass-heavy, groove-laden foundation.

Released on the relatively young label  ‘Of Unsound Mind ‘.  Waifs & Strays are at it again with his groovy Tech-house EP Release of ‘Heartbeat/Hosa‘. Waifs & Strays who are known to explore house, bass, and techno, keep the vibes funky but always balanced with a deep melodic production.

First up, ‘Heartbeat‘ is full of banging beats, haunting lyrics, and rubbery techno synths. Not only does this tune get your body moving and grooving, but the lyrics are the type that you invite to loop into your subconscious mind.

Hosa‘ has us going straight down a rabbit hole with a funky warehouse feeling. With his love for drums, groovy bass lines, and eccentric vocals, this one is sure to keep you immersed in a dance daze.


Artist:  Waifs & Strays
Release Date: 2015-12-18
Label: Of Unsound Mind
Catalog No.:  OFUNSOUNDMIND015


Ana Martinez