CUFF imprint, and G-House veterans, Volac, are back with another smasher of an EP! The Russian phenoms’ newest EP is a straight forward, in-your-face, two track combo that’s sure to get your feet shuffling, and your bass face snarling. I was able to ask the boys where the inspiration for their lead track came from, and this is what they had to say, “We watched an interview of some gangsters on TV. Then we cut some phrases from the interview and it was a beginning of the tracks!”

For the second track of the EP, the boys teamed up with Yara93 for a more mellow, yet still strong, and complimentary track to “Uzi”. “Turn My Music” features a slick bass line, paired with an eerie pad melody that delivers the final blow on what is a knockout EP from our homies, Volac.


Release Date: 2016-10-13
Labels: CUFF
Catalog #: CUFF045