Renaissance debut another rising Spanish star, Vita V, with a mammoth 5-track EP…

For an electronic label finding fresh, exciting talent is always a thrill. And with Vita V, Renaissance have firmly hit the jackpot. Another product of the burgeoning Spanish scene, Vita comes from a school of producers who constantly blur the lines between the edgier side of melodic house, indie dance, techno and electronica.

“I instantly got ‘that’ vibe when Vita sent his demos in,” explains label manager Marcus James, “aside from impeccable production value, the overall sound has a real creative edge. We may get sent an awful lot of music, but few land with the standout impact Vita did.”

From title track Inspiratu, to the glitched male vocal on Obses or the electronica of Collapse My Soul, this is truly an expansive, audacious EP, which manages to retain a cohesive feel. And it was all born out of a willing desire to exit the pandemic, as Vita explains, “As things began to re-open I wanted to find another approach to my musical style; I was looking for raw sounds squarely aimed at the dancefloor. I deliberately moved away from conventional structures and sought out a specific energy to surprise and delight. I’m really looking forward to getting them out into clubland where they belong!”

Vita V ‘Inspiratu EP’ is OUT NOW on Renaissance Records
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