Fred Peterkin, aka Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium, is one of the most prolific and eclectic producers of our age. His creations range from house to techno to the ultra-deep and his body of work displays an incredible range of sound.

Peterkin told XLR8R in March that he has a fascination with reversed samples, which he uses regularly in his productions. “Electric Ladyland? Jimi Hendrix? You know how he does that whole solo backwards? I just like that sound, and I like to try it on different things and see what it does,” says Peterkin. He’s constantly experimenting, making him an artist to constantly be on the look out for.

The Brooklyn native spoke with Mi4L last summer, right as he dropped his The Incredible Adventures of Captain P LP, and I still get goosebumps reading it. He told us,

This music is part of who I am. Sharing it with the world is big deal for me. When the listener hears it, it’s the present for them but for me it’s my past and what went into it. Writing it is more of a future thing. So you have these different spaces in time—very special when you take a look at it. I am grateful for the opportunity to express and share that with the world.

In this video, Fred P upholds his theory in contemplating different spaces in time as he appears entranced in thought, wearing headphones, sweeping through Germany – at times moving in reverse and at times facing the camera head on. A hypnotic track and introspective concept make this a worthy 3:40 of your time.