On Saturday, October 19th 2019 during this year’s ADE, a very special coming together of two underground powerhouses is set for Lofi Warehouse in Amsterdam: acclaimed promoters VBX and Sunrise, the people behind Sunwaves Festival, are hosting a 16 hour trip though the Romanian underground with big hitters from the minimal scene all set to feature next to some key local stars.
Sunrise have truly changed the game with their Sunwaves Festival, which over the last decade has become a must-attend event for lovers of perfectly reduced house and techno. People from all over the world, including artists, agents, industry heads and dancers, come together in May to revel in perfect sound systems, quality programming and with thousands like-minded heads for a festival unlike any other.
VBX, of course, are just as revered for their events around Europe. They have a relationship that goes way back and Sunwaves undoubtedly helped to shape the acclaimed VBX sound, with plenty of key Romanian names playing at VBX in the past, most famously with RPR Soundsystem at Warehouse Elementenstraat back in February. These parties, along with VBX’s annual ADE series, have become a core part of the October conference and always offer the best names in the finest venues with the much tased about after parties one of the highlights of the week.
The venue for this one of a kind event is the newly opened LOFI WAREHOUSE, a perfectly raw and stripped back space with exposed steel girders, and a wall of glass that will allow the light in and surely make for an iconic, chills down your spine moment. Of course, the sound system will also be one of the headliners of this event, just as VBX and Sunrise are known for.
Keep your eyes peeled for the line-up which will be announced next week, but rest assured it will be the best of the best from one of the most exciting musical countries in electronic music.
Sunrise – https://sunrise.ro/