[New Release] Foot And Mouth are definitely making moves and putting their name on the map with their newest release. Calling on to new comers, Manage Tout, and getting some tried and tested quality with Russ Yallop, Summer Madness EP is a true summer scorcher and definitely a record that you will be hearing a lot of.

The first track ‘Big Portions’ offers up a largess of bass, drum and jacking beats.  With a huge bouncy bass line and seductively soulful vocals, this track is surely one to get the dance floor shaking.  The second track off the EP, ‘Fluffer,’ is simply phenomenal.  Russ Yallop takes Oskar Offermann‘s original and gives it one of the nicest re-edits I have ever heard.  With its intoxicating colossal bass line and enticing melody, this is an instant classic and a serious contender for track of the year.  The final track, ‘Get To Know Ye,’ is a perfect ending to this amazing release. More newcomers, H&T take Howeird Jones‘s track and give it a delightful throwback feel.

Overall this is a fantastic EP from Foot And Mouth.  They really have been stepping it up recently, and this EP is a home run.    I really look forward to see what Foot And Mouth will be releasing next and can’t wait to hear all these jams on the dance floor.


Artist:  Various Artists

Title:  Summer Madness EP

Label:  Foot And Mouth

Catalog No.:  FAM013

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