[Release]  One label that has been getting lots of attention lately is NastyFunk Records. Known for releasing funky, deep and dark groovers, we get their first various artists compilation. An eleven track scorcher, NastyFunk hits the nail on the head by signing talents such as We Are Cassandre, The Wize Guys, Hendriks, Erik Christiansen, Alberto Ortega, DJ Glen, and loads of others — a record with so many goodies, lets focus on a few stand out tracks.

‘Generation’ by We Are Cassandre is a charmingly deep track with an uplifting feel. A modern day anthem, this one is going to be blasting out of  speakers everywhere. Los Rombos‘ ‘Disco Shiz’ is a hauntingly alluring track nicely, using a Johnny Depp sample to lead you into an abysmal bass abundant behemoth. Hendrik’s ‘She’s Got Soul’ rides out of the darkness to brighten your night with its intoxicating bass line, ripe percussion, and soulful vocals. Erik Christiansen delivers with a hip throwback house track with a funky fresh groove.

With a little something for everyone, this release is golden. You always know you are going to get something good when it comes from NastyFunk Records, and this record is no exception.


Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  NastyCutz
Label:  NastyFunk Records
Catalog No.:  NF007

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