Pets Recordings are partying at the very forefront of house music right now. With each release stretching their consistent-yet-excitingly unpredictable remit further into unchartered territories, the latest in their well-established Friends Will Carry You Home series compounds their curatorial creativity like never before. Now on its third outing, this is the labels largest in the album series so far; tethering its myriad wild talents for one giant audio class photo, label bosses Catz N Dogz have successfully represented their labels vast remit with clarity and harmony. Every groove, every rhythm and every influence you associate with Pets musical menagerie is all here. Whats more, its all exclusive.

The deep bass bubbles of Catz N Dogz rugged contemporisation of Spirit Catchers 2004 classic Voodoo Knight. The infectious percussive tech funk and synth seduction of Axel Bomans It Starts With The Stomach. The unrelenting pounds and pulverisations of Andre Kronerts Thrills. The loopy techno chugs of Catz Eatz Dogz Calling Every Day. The loose lolloping groove, commanding disco strings and subtle Moroderisms of Paco Wegmanns The Return Of The Funk. The epic emotional dynamic and organic swing of Eric Voltas remix of We Draw As Silent Tide. Need we go on?

18 unique reminders that Pets Recordings is not only at its prime, but its at its largest and also at its most excitingly varied. While most of us only have one or two friends whod put up with us enough to carry us home, Catz N Dogz have nurtured and developed such a fine ensemble of musical mates, each and every one would carry them home. Whats more, theyll carry you, too.


Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  Friends Will Carry You Home III Part 1
Label:  Pets Recordings
Catalog No.:  PETS042