[Release]  NastyFunk Records are back with their 10th release and oh do they have something special.  A ten track heater featuring artists such as Touchtalk, Jonny Hopkinson, and Luis Leon, NastyFunk also feature fresh and exciting new artists for this release.  Known for their deep and heavy sound, NastyFunk never fails to deliver and you will see with their latest release.

Cromine makes his debut with the elegant deep track ‘Look Around’ which is a real mover and shaker.  Johnny Hopkinson hits the nail on the head with his roaring track  ‘Searching.’  Touchtalk have been on fire lately and it is no wonder with their sinfully deep track  ‘Anything.’  In a fine style, Luis Leon’s  ‘The Love Without You’ is a perfect ending to this record.  Deep, emotive, sensual, this track has it all and is a personal favorite.

NastyFunk has been a favorite of mine over the last year and once again proves they are a label to be reckoned with and stamps their authority with this deep and heavy release.


Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  DeepCutz
Label:  NastyFunk Records
Catalog No.:  NF010

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