[New Release] Culprit always has something special up their sleeve and are consistently bringing us the finest in music.  Up next we get their second installation of their Above The City compilation, in honor of Culprit’s world famous summer sessions at the Standard in Downtown LA. Culprit combines the sounds of fresh up and comers and some tried and tested talent, to hit the nail on the head with this release. The compilation’s natural progression of sound from start to finish displays the fine taste and variety Culprit has.

System of Survival‘s ‘Baby, Don’t Stop’ is a pleasantly laid back track with tons of smooth groove, adroit percussion, and a soulful feel, making it a great opener to the compilation. Adriatique & Thyladomid‘s ‘Trigger Dance’ is another stellar track with a cavernous bass line complimented by a light spacey feel.  ‘Please,’ by Alex Nagshineh, is a classic example of a Culprit track with its ominous tone, funky guitar, and deep grooves.  Another amazing release, ‘Don’t Be Down’ by Coat Of Arms has radiant vibes,  enticing vocals, and alluringly deep bass line, making it a true charmer.  The last track from the compilation, and my personal favorite, is ‘On The Way’ produced by Dirty Channels.  A modern dance classic paying tribute to the DJ lifestyle, this track is simply ingenious.  Sexy lyrics, an injecting bass line, and crisp percussion, this is not only a favorite off this compilation, but definitely a top track of the year.

Overall this is another amazing collection from Culprit.  Whether it be releasing quality music, throwing the best parties, or playing worldwide, Culprit is always on point and never fails to impress.  Culprit is always setting the bar high and influencing the sound of the scene.  As always, I look forward to anything from Culprit and can’t wait to see what they have next in store.

Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  Above The City 2
Label:  Culprit
Catalog No.:  CPVA002
Release Date:  3 October 2012