WOW!  It’s hard to think that it has only been 5 years since the No.19 imprint was started.  We have watched them grow from a boutique label to the powerhouse that they are today.  No.19 is a label that has always stayed true to it’s sound and in doing so has firmly established itself as one of the most respected labels in the industry.  Having Art Department as the main representative  gives the label loads of clout as well. In addition to their already serious stacked roster, the label has also helped create and push some amazing artists such as Louie Fresco, Tone Of Arc, Eric Volta, Clayton Steele, and Jade over the past few years.  In celebration of all things No.19, they give us this great Various Artists release that is a a perfect accumulation of what this label is about.  There are so many great tracks on this release, but  a few that really stood out to us would have to be Eric Volta & Art Departments ‘Insomniac,’ Lauren Lane’s ‘Was In Luv’ featuring JAW, and Jade’s ‘Second Guess.’

No.19 will continue to grow and expand as a label and we only see this label getting bigger and stronger with all the amazing artists they have support them.  We can only imagine where the label will be in 5 years from now.


Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  5 Years Of No.19 Music
Label:  N0.19 Music
Catalog No.:  NO19047