[Release] For their next release MEXA introduces the Spring Xampler. In tandem with the season they bring in a fresh new roster of artists to join the MEXA lineup and a fresh package of groovy springtime tunes to get you dancing.


The first comes from Indecent Exposure, a project started in 2012 between Yacine A. and K. Ragab. Featuring soulful female vocals from Ashibah,’Trying’ is a classic indie dance / nu disco track perfect for any spring party. Layered with catchy little riffs and topped with a groovy vibe and dance ready bassline, it will instantly put a smile on your face. The second springtime anthem is a seriously dreamy track from Fapples. Instantly captivating with a dreamy overtone, the track rides on the vibrating reverb and love ballad male vocals. “Lost in the galaxy …” is exactly where this track will take you.


By the third track the Xampler progresses to a bolder nu disco vibe from Saccao, an up and comer based out of Greece, whose name you will definitely be familiarized with this 2013. This massive track takes a perfect playful blend of elements between hard and groovy, with cleverly inlaid bridge breaks to keep you hooked and create an instant favorite, ‘Tu Much Of A Rush’ promises to get the crowd seriously going.


The Xampler closes out with a welcomed harder sound from Cesar Coronado & Mario Armanino to add some edge to the groovy nu disco loaded EP. A heavier bassline and prominent penetrating percussion topped off with a drawn out bridge that comes back with a strong tech hitting beat makes this a solid track for heavy spring nights.


This fresh Spring Xampler shows us the lighter side of MEXA, and we are definitely into it. Notorious for heavy hitting dark beats, this compilation really showcases the range and versatility of the fresh faced MEXA label. Amazing work from all artist involved, we will definitely be keeping an eye out for their future releases.


Artists: Indecent Exposure, Fapples, Saccao, Cesar Coronado, Mario Armanino
Title: Spring Xampler
Label: MEXA
Release Date: April 15
Catalog: MEXA013