[New Release] – V I V I D’s new release, Poles Apart, is out now on Kolorit, a label that includes Jorge Takei and Forrest on their roster, and is known for its rough deep and tech house.  Poles Apart features a great winter sound — dark and cold, sounds huddled together for warmth, sleazy-sounding synths, and hollowed out, echoing elements. The EP also features a great remix from LA’s rising star, Urulu.

The EP’s title track, “Poles Apart,” is dark despite its warm elements. The sounds here are perfect to warn the crowd things are about to get serious on the dance floor. Urulu’s remix of this track is more high energy than the original, but sticks to the elements that make it so special. The synth that loops and echos throughout the track is addictive, and its high frequency leaves no where for a listener to go but up and out-of-consciousness.

The last track, “We Shall Return,” is nothing short of a serious, late night, heavy-hitter.  There is no way to describe this track other than out-of-body — just imagine rounding 4 am, eyes closed, transporting mind and body to other realms. The distinct eastern influence of the track is its main focus, and its heavy bassline simply pushes the energy forward.

Another great work by V I V I D, who is carving out a unique sound in the sea of copycats, Poles Apart is one EP you’ll want to add to your record box today.