[Release]  Della Zouch and his label Zouch Records have made an instant impact on the dance world.  Already on their fourth release in four months, we get their first various artists release featuring tracks from Della Zouch, Heston, Ash Jai, and GruuvElement’s.  A slamming four track release with some fine tunes on it, this is one record you aren’t going to want to sleep on.

Della’s ‘What About Trying’ is a fine example of that classic 90’s house sound with a splash of modern deep tossed in.  A great track with loads of atmosphere, this is one that will keep you grooving till the wee hours of the morning.  ‘Be Faithful’ is a dark and deep jam that implements itself on your inner dancer.  A real groover on the dance floor, this jam is sure to make you move.  ‘Backwards Love’ really sets the mood with its hypnotic vocals and infectious groove.  A light and jumpy track, “It Feels Good’ is a a wonderful piece to start your night off right with its punchy stabs.

A great release from Zouch Records, this is one label that you are going to need to keep your eyes on.


Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  One Soul Sampler
Label:  Zouch Records
Catalog No.:  ZR004

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