[Release] Keeping in tandem with the arrival of the lighter spring season, MEXA keeps it funky with this latest release from Upstroke. When electronic music started to sweep through Russia, Upstroke listened to a lot of music from The Prodigy and West coast hip-hop. When he started to produce a few years ago, it only seemed natural for him to take his early influences and create a self-described “combination of fat funky bass, hip-hop rhythms with a touch of 80′s disco”.


Fat Funky Bass & 80s disco synths are the order of the day with this groovy 3 track EP from Upstroke. The release kicks off with ‘Dream Girl’ a self-proclaimed dreamy track loaded with a disco vibe all around. The first two tracks ‘Dream Girl’ & ‘I See You’ are loaded with spacey synths and vocoder vocals on top of a funky bassline to create a truly cosmic disco experience. While ‘California Luv’ still maintains much of the 80s feel of the first two, there is much more of the West coast hip-hop feel to this last track by switching up the vocals and adding some of that smooth hip-hop rhythm to the heavy disco synths.


Overall, it is definitely a different and lighter sound for MEXA. Showcasing the range from their traditional deep, dark, and heavy to this lighter nu disco groovy springtime sound.


Artist: Upstroke
Title: Dream Girl
Label: MEXA Records
Release Date: May 20
Catalog: MEXA015