Just in time for the summer season warm up, Union Jack Records has put together a sweet, sensual, and feel good V.A. compilation to get everyone into the day party groove. Each track on the compilation clearly had the special free-feeling summer vibe in mind during production. So far, the release has garnered support from the likes of Kellerkind, Karmon, Betoko, AFFKT, Niko Schwind, Ben Pearce, Him_self_Her, Patrick Podage, Dan Styles, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Atapy, Robbie Akbal, Jay West, Martin Virgin and more.

Throughout, each artist maintains open and flowly elements, straying from the tight and crisp sounds of winter. Sensual vocals, warm pads, and elongated synth notes provide a get-lost attitude to the compilation, while heavy and grounding bass provide dance energy. On this release, we asked every artist to tell us something special about the track they contributed to the compilation. Here’s what they had to say:

Losing you” is deep & soulful house tune with a groovy baseline. The Hip Hop elements and the sexy vocal are a typical mat.joe thing! 

Jorge Takei:
The End is the beginning of something new. The cycle never closes, everything is in balance and in a constant flow. 

The track uses audio ripped from a Tupac interview in 1995, he was serving 11 months in Clinton Correctional facility. At a point in the interview he was asked the question, what do you do in prison? The audio I used was his response, “for the first 8 months I spent in solitude, 23 hours a day locked down, reading, writing, I wrote a script called ‘Live to Tell’, it’s a semi-autobiography of my life, half me half function”. I just thought it was an interesting insight into how an artist decided to spend his time in solitary confinement. You can find the video on Youtube, he was shot and killed a year after it was filmed.

Trav & Volta:
There are three things in life Trav & Volta enjoy aside from making sensual vibrations; free highs, vintage clothing & vagina interaction while listening to Genesis’ album ‘Invisible Touch’. Enjoy this fine resonating vibration with their compliments and hopes you too will find someone to ‘Make Love’ to in your life.

Harry Wolfman:
This ones for the ladies.

We’ve listened a lots of old school UK house, with some huge basslines & think, that we can make our track sounds like those tracks, we try to add some unique sounds & hits, plus add some mainstream nudisco moods (stabs, leads), idea in the track is important for us. We try to find the balance with Old School grooves & modern music. After that, we contacted with our friend Ange (she’s already worked with huge names like Armin Van Buuren, Robert Babisz, Kolombo etc.) & send to her our demo, she agreed to work with this track and wrote some lyrics, we just mixed all those things in our track and got some really nice music. 

Search DiP:
The track relesead starting this year at Union Jack Records is a perfect mix of nu disco & house sounds, combined with a powerfull touch of freshness. The idea for the mix came along with a short & insignificant moment of my life spent on a winter chilly day, when travelling with the subway in Bucharest and listening to my music genre on my stereo headsets, a person come to me and ask me something of a subway station. On that peticular moment I didn’t realise or heard the question, and my natural response was to ask that person: “Say what?”. So defining that moment, my thought came as a flashlight and I have ask myself why not to compose a mix with this name “Say What”!? The mix was set to follow my trend in music production and hopefully a success of my own or a milestone for my career in electronic music.

Rhode & Brown:
It happened on an icecold wintermorning when the boys from young R&B aka Rhode & Brown cosied up to the fireplace in their favorite mink fur coat and drank a good old single malt, while listening to records from the past. After some time this one special song kissed their mind, with it’s beautiful voice. It became the last and secret ingredient for their new, at that time yet unfinished hit composition, now better known as “Kiss My Mind”. Amen.

What I love about house music is that you really have the ability to do always something different and thats what i was trying to do with this track, give it a different color than the usual but with a strong and solid groove…

Rafael Cerato:
When the Apocalypse goes away” is a very eclectic track and hypnotic. It’s the first collaboration with the singer Tivak, a french-Russian pop singer, friendly for a long time. This track is cut for the dancefloor, with an atypical groove mixing a guitar bassline, and melodies in the acoustic and synthetic piano, overthung of vocal one very deep hypnotic.

Higher captivates with a wash of soaring synths that accentuate the warm glow of “Constantine” intoxicating voice. Lyrics forming the beating heart of the song along with the groovy bassline , this is a track destined to give the crowd that warm fuzzy feeling at a sundown…

Made To Move:
I really cant remember from which track i sampled the vocals, but i loved the voice, at that moment my head was thinkin in funky basslines. so i made a deep house beat, and play a funky bassline on my keyboard. i wanted to make the track little bit mysterious, thats why i sampled also the male voice and put some kind of trippy synths on the track.

In my track I tried to create a fusion of styles, emotions and effects which are affected me and close to my heart. The rhythm and the beat coming form the house, the slightly retro electronic bassline and the main melody it’s the effect of the nu-school-deep-house, the guitar and some effects reflect to my attraction of nu-disco and funk themes. The vocal came from a sampe pack I effected, pitched and cut it. I think the best songs are born from fusion of styles, “only” can be hit the perfect rates of parts. I always try to achieve this.

Undeniably sexy and future-thinking for summer, Future Funk has all the requirements of a classic compilation.


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Artist: Various
Label: Union Jack
Catalog No.: UJR016



Track List:

Future Funk Various Artist Compilation

01.-Mat.Joe – Losing  You
02.-Jorge Takei – The End Of It All feat. Mokusch
03.-JOBE – Live to Tell
04.-Wiwi – Want You Harder
05.-Jonny Cruz, Lati – Maracuj‡
06.-Trav & Volta – Make Love
07.-Harry Wolfman – What I Wanna Do
08.-Fapples – Bubbles
09.-Search Dip – Say What
10.-Rhode & Brown – Kiss my mind
11.-Audictive – Cant Match Me
12.-Rafael Cerato feat Tivak – When The Apocalypse Goes Away
13.-Marques feat Constantine – Higher
14.-Made To Move – Let me Tell You
15.-Lenny Lennoks – Dirty Happy People