Fresh from his recent debut on Hot Creations alongside Andruss, we invited Umberto Pagliaroli to pick out ten tracks for us to mark the release of ‘Mueve’. Read on and enjoy the genre spanning selection from the Italian artist!


1. Andruss & Umberto Pagliaroli Ft. El Apache Ness – Mueve [Hot Creations]

Our new track is inspired by the whole world, dry tech sounds, percussion, rhythm, warmth, Latin caliente vocal, feel it all, any dancefloor should feel the feeling of ‘Mueve’.


2. Les Indiscretes – Without you [Armada Music]

This is a piece of electronic music that uses digital instruments and is circuit-based. It has a distinct melancholy and somber 90’s tone.


3. Chelonis R. Jones I Dont Know [Get Physical Music]

This song is a classic deep vocal about love and sensuality, and the artist is unsure about his love affair. The electric bass solo complements love and brings about elements of dance-like rhythms; this song fits perfectly with its beat.


4. Majestic & Jungle 70 – Creeping In The Dark [Capitol]

The recognizable, free-flowing delivery of Jungle 70 helps to create a fusion of bass and garage with a bouncing bass line that marches and barges its way along like Hench bouncers in a jam-packed nightclub. With percussion slaps, alien-sounding effects, and my personal favorite, a Velcro-tear sample, it’s a contemporary, well-rehearsed ensemble. the rapped vocal keeps the song on the wave to ride. 


5. Aqeel 72 – Up In The Sky [Sindicato]

This is electronic music with new age influences, indiepop electropop; the track begins with high note drums synchronized and harmonized with a lighthearted mood. The song combines the four-to-the-floor rhythms common in house music with harmonically rich analog bass lines, harsh and high- pitched leads, and the occasional piano.


6. Barnt – Geffen [Comeme]

This song has a peppery fusion of different sound types and pop melodies; an instrumental track characterized by very present claps, which guarantee the movement together with the straight bass and the abstract combination and variations of the drums.


7. Double-99 – ‘RIP Groove’ Original Mix [Skint Records]

This is music with high beats and uses the slow motion tactic to make it dark but mesmerizing and engaging, very tight.


8. Wildchild – Renegade Master (Original mix) [Hi Life Recordings]

The song is electronic music under the big beat and acid house genre. It uses heavy breakbeats and synthesizer-generated loops and patterns. Vocal that binds everything and makes it a famous and historic track.


9. Armand Van Helden – I want your soul [Southern Fried Records]

The song has a big bass drum and a buzzing bassline. Its genre is 80s electro-pop/tech house, and the song has melodic elements which contain heavy bass. Another unforgettable hit that lasts from day one, perfect for any kind of situation, it steals your soul!


10. Tim Deluxe – Transformation (Get Human)

This is reminiscent of an old school house music. The song has an omnipresent four on the floor programmed beat with the sound of electronic squelch with a mixture of simple bass. The ride and driving groove from start to end.

Andruss & Umberto Pagliaroli ft. El Apache Ness ‘Mueve’ is OUT NOW on Hot Creations

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