R U There Yet? U-TRAX 20/20 Vision is the culmination of years of electronic artistry into one mixtape from an international collective of producers for the electronic music Utrecht based label U-TRAX. This collection features artists from across the spectrum of modern music.

U-TRAX emerged in 2018 whilst label boss DJ White Delight has been in touch with many of his old heroes, including Detroit producer Roy Parker of Qmoog is best known by techno connoisseurs for his leftfield releases Rhythm-Tech and SSR, blending jazz and techno and powerful vocals together.

The compilation features eight tracks from the label’s 90s archive by techno favourites including The Connection Machine, Tick Trax and Sonar Base, two tracks from last year (by Sp@sms and P.A. Presents) and four brand new tracks from forthcoming U- TRAX albums.

U-TRAX ‘R U There Yet? 20/20 Vision Mixtape Vol.1’ is out on the label on 11th December 2020.


1. Nuklear Prophet – The Mars Goblin (06:06)
2. Thavius Beck – Post Meeting (04:48)
3. P.A. Presents vs Dazzlinj – Creators (04:43)
4. Qmoog – Where Are You From (Full Mix) (02:42)
5. Pieces of a Pensive State of Mind – Channel Pressure (06:33)
6. Bishop – The Last Rung Of The Ladder (Miami Deep South Mix) (06:51)
7. Sp@sms – Titanic V1 (05:23)
8. Tick Trax – Fast Track (06:04)
9. The Connection Machine – Space Cadets On Leave (06:25)
10. JO-I- A2 (02:45)
11. African Nightflight – 4Rest (Dotted Version) (06:58)
12. Mr Joe Abe – Hit Me (w1b0’s Slugfest Assault Dub) (04:18)
13. Sonar Base – Arrival At Dwell Probe (10:37)
14. Maarten & Tjeerd – MT34 (07:01)