After the recent launch of his own imprint Call_Lab, a project where the talented producer invites friends and fellow artists to join him in a series of releases. First off featuring Cesar Merveille, Howl Ensemble and Alexkid We asked Tripmastaz his – Top 5 Musical Influences…
Paul Johnson

One of my biggest appreciations when it comes to jacky Chicago, from ghetto house to filter disco, to deep house. I believe he is the greatest architect of  the classic Dance Mania sound. His Premium Mix Side which is dj mix of 4 EPs he released on Relief is both 101 and blueprint of the bold house groove. One of a kind.

Derrick Carter 

Another legendary Chicagoan who covered all possible grounds with his significant bumpy grooves and jacking sense of humor. Way ahead of his time with his early 90’s 14 min long, slow, acidy, trippy hypnotic house. The man who has been blending deep, tech, vocal, disco, obscure with class and laboratory scientific accuracy. Sound Patrol, Red Nail Kidz, Symbols & Instruments, DJ Bang, Oneiro, Tone Theory, Classic. If you know you know.

Dan Curtin 

This man did it for me, not with his classic Peacefrog releases and his own Metamorphic imprint but with his EP on Moody and LP on Nepenta as, Purveyors of Fine Funk. I never heard a house record so moody and eclectic. 5-6 different themes in 1 track, constant changing of patterns and deep melancholic vibe. So unique and special.

Josh Wink

You gotta love Josh not only as the guru of meditative minimal tracks of mid 90’s and the longest dreads in the game, not only as a creative DJ, master of breakdowns and effects, but because he came up with his updated formula of Acid house and techno on steroids! 3D experience guaranteed every time.

Should I say anything that has not been said?
The man who stood behind my fave beats on the first three Busta Rhymes albums, Common’s – Like Water for Chocolate, Pharcyde and Slum Village. And its 0.0000001%  His music shuffle, dust, funk like no other on this planet.
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