Hailing from Vancouver, Canada’s Triple A Talent has officially launched with an impressive artist roster, representing some of Canada’s top talent in the electronic music industry.

The booking agency is a collective of music industry vets and serious music lovers at their very core. Passionate about their artists, Triple A Talent plan on growing both their talent and company with integrity and care. Working closely with their artists to achieve their goals in creative ways, the team represent an under-serviced market in Canada, working with partners and friends locally, nationally and globally. We caught up with president / talent + agent manager Severine Erickson to learn more about the new talent agency in the true North.

Congratulations on the launch of Triple A Talent agency! Your team is a collective of music industry vets. What made you all decide to come together to make this into a reality?  

Our shared values, drive and passion for music was what brought the “glue” to the partnership, but it was our research, first-hand experience and a bit of intuition that told us that right now was the best time to take on this venture.

Boasting some of Canada’s top electronic music artists, what are some of the key characteristics you’re looking for when considering representing a new artist? 

We look at a number of things such as personality (seriously, no creeps!), track record, potential, social impact and “X factor.”

“From the feedback we’ve been receiving since launching our company, this was a much needed and welcomed venture for us to take.” – Severine Erickson, President / Talent Agent + Manager

Pineo & Loeb

What’s the electronic music scene in Canada looking like? Is there support across the country for the industry?

The concentration generally seems to be in the largest cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, etc. However, there are very rich pockets of talent all across Canada and in many other unsuspecting places like in Salmon Arm, for example. We have noticed growth in many new markets across Canada and in the US, and there is more demand than ever for Electronic artists in different flavours.

Your business model prioritizes genuine artist growth. Who are some of your artists on the roster and who should we be watching out for in 2020?

Honestly, we feel like ALL of the folks on our roster should have eyes on them as they’re all exciting artists. That’s not very helpful for the purpose of this interview, but here’s a quick list of artists that are really exciting us:

HomeSick, Smol, Ting, GREAZUS, Freshtildef, Blind Prophet, Abstrakt Sonance, Raquel Divar, Sammy Rich, Mythm.

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