Tricksi is composed of Daniel Becker and Yannick Labbé, out of Berlin, Germany. They just put out their debut album called ‘Unreality’ (on the Suol imprint), which really hasn’t gotten the best of reviews, but some of the tracks from the release are actually very well executed. One of the tracks that has attracted a lot of attention is ‘Wilderness’.

A1 Wilderness (12 Inches Version) by trickski

Some of my other favorites that have come out in the past year are posted below.

Point 0 by trickski

Pill Collins by trickski

Lastly, I leave you with their 2011 promo mix so you can get a feel for their DJ style. In my book, these guys have mastered an ultra deep sound and I look forward to some more greatness in the future. Chill out and listen.

Trickski Promo Mix House 2011 by trickski


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