[Release] Ufffffffff. LOVE LOVE LOVE. From the disco diva vocals to the deeeeeeep booty bouncing bassline, ‘The Night Is Calling’ has me craving a dark night club and steamy dancefloor to get down and dirty. Absolutely in love with the delicate balance between disco and deep so finely crafted in this track. The drowned out beginning which slowly builds up to that hard hitting bassline has me hooked.


Tough Love, aka Alex Prinzivalli & Stefan O’Brien, although relatively new on the scene have made serious waves in the deep house pool in one short year and this EP is only testament to that truth. Crafting some seriously quality tunes, establishing their distinct addicting sound and with previous releases out on, Love Not Money, Sleazy Deep, and Cream Couture to name a few, these boys are most definitely on our top to watch list for 2013.


The EP is rounded out nicely with two remixes. The first from Tom Budden, my personal favorite of the two, ups the highs and the pace, changing the vibe to a more tech feel, foot stomping, dance ready tune with a nicely placed slow down mid-song to entrance the listener. The second by Lee M Kelsall slows down the build up even more, drops out the bassline, and adds in chopped up looping vocals.


My favorite would definitely have to be the original with it’s perfect balance between disco and deep and the insanely sexy vibe it gives off. Overall, amazing work from Tough Love and all the artists involved. Runnin Wild has been blowing us away lately with their quality releases and this EP only adds to our praise for the label.


Artist: Tough Love
Title: The Night Is Calling
Label: Runnin Wild
Release Date: December 12th