“Signal Flow is a new live electronic Dj and production duo featuring San Francisco’s own Michael Tello of PillowTalk and Ray Zuniga. Originally from Los Angeles, the label mates migrated north to San Francisco and now live bi-coastal in NYC and Los Angeles allowing the opportunity to build a strong music network and expand the TOCR family worldwide. Michael and Ray began their musical collaboration six years ago, giving birth to the innovative partnership that is Signal Flow. Their international profile has risen quickly. With gigs at Berlin’s best nightclubs and Robot Heart Burning Man, 2013 additionally saw the duo playing across the globe at other hotspots in London, Mexico and Ecuador having quickly made a name for their eclectic sound and energy.”

Tello & Zuniga have been making great strides in the music industry, and we got a chance to ask them a few questions about the upcoming year and their amazing new podcast for Touch Of Class <3

1. Touch Of Class is a new label that has everyone buzzing! Can you guys give us a little insight into what you have planned for 2014?

This week we’re previewing the labels’ fourth release by Navid Izadi “Once Upon A Time,” which embodies a family affair vibe with contributions by all San Francisco bred artists. It has remixes by Tone Of Arc, Kenneth Scott and Signal Flow. Next up is our big summer release from Tone Of Arc with some timeless gems. At the TOC party, Midnight In Tulum we introduced “South Of Chihuahua” and are happy to have them on board for our sixth release featuring a very special Thugfucker remix. To follow we’ll be debuting Heads or Tails, a new live project from Jonny Cruz and then, we have a Signal Flow & Pattern Drama collaborative release, along with new projects by disCerN and Plaza Hotel.

 2. Your party in Tulum has been marked as a highlight every year in Mexico and your label showcases have been described as sublime. What do you guys have planned for upcoming shows this year?

We have some local & international showcases planned that we’ll be announcing details for soon. We’ll also be participating in Miami WMC/MMW and Detroit this year in efforts with our booking agency Airlondon.

3. Signal Flow has been gaining lots of attention from huge labels. Can you tell us about what other crews you have been working with in the studio and what upcoming releases you have in the works?

There are some exciting releases coming up that we can’t wait to share with everyone. Our next full EP will be released on Leftroom this Spring. Then, we have a new Signal Flow & disCerN collaborative single “Coarse Language” forthcoming on My Favorite Robot Records’ “Crossing Wires” CD mix compilation this Summer. Followed along with remixes on TOC, and a very special remix due to be out April 7th on Culprit.

 4. You guys have been taking your live performance to the next level. Can you tell us a little about your new hybrid LIVE/DJ set?

We like to incorporate improvisation into our hybrid show. This usually consists of additional live synth, bass, and free style elements and sometimes having other TOC members jumping in on the jam session as well when we are all together. By doing this. it keeps us both busy while performing and creates more interaction with our audience.

 5. Your new mix is amazing, can you tell us a little about it and what you were striving for with it?

We wanted to debut some upcoming TOC Releases and showcase some of our more spring vibes. Something to take us out of any specific genre of house, but more of a compositional style with our programming and song selection.