[Release]  Chris James and Bubba‘s label, Runnin Wild, has been spot on with their first two releases and they do it again with their latest from Toucan. A fine example of Gangsta House, these two Brazilian cousins really lay it out with their Dusty MPC EP. In addition, JMX gives us a great remix of the title track.

‘Baby Love’ is a bass laden beast with bass for days and funk for weeks. Stabbing keys accompanied by a booming bass line make this one dance floor devastator. ‘Dusty MPC’ is a breaker of beats as another funky G House jam with dark tones and a seductive melody complimented by slamming percussion.    JMX delivers with an uptempo, hi-happy stunner. One that is sure to get your feet moving, this is a great contrast to the other two tracks.

Success from Runnin Wild, I only see more goodness from both this label and these producers.


Artist:  Toucan
Title:  Dusty MPC EP
Label:  Runnin Wild
Catalog No.:  RW003

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