F.T.G aka Fuck The Government aka Alfredo Trastulli is no stranger to the depths and possibilities of the studio, so we thought he would be an ideal candidate for this feature. A creator of many moods for the likes of Skylax Crew, and Citylow Human Crew. With vast experience of playing live and producing we asked him what his favourite studio babies are…


The 909 is the ‘Queen’ of my studio. It was a gift from my father, about 20 years ago. It’s the Drum Machine I always dreamed of when I was younger, we will never be apart, and I will bequeath it to my daughter Anna. The name of my 909 is Lola. I usually give a name to all my machines and I love doing it. With due respect I consider them like living beings…They need cuddles, caregiving and have to be used every day. They need attention, passion and devotion, just like people we love.


“The Bomber”
The TR303 is the ‘Real Bomber’ that comes in and scores, as in a soccer match. It’s the bassline par excellence. Together with SH101, it is the major actor in my bassline riffs, from deep to acid sounds, in all my entire music. Sometimes I can ‘betray’ it by using Moog Sub37, anyway the original TR303’s sound has no equal and can’t be cloned. However, much you can say, there is no comparison between the originals Roland Drum Machines, which come from ‘80s and ‘90s, with the current ones ‘made in china’.


“The Bermuda Triangle”
Sound synthesis is the matrix of my music, the clay’s dough from which you can create everything or nothing. Modular or semi-modular systems are to me like the sea. I dive into the sounds and sometimes I feel like I’m sucked into them. This is the risk: if you rack up too many of them you can lose yourself in an ocean of possibilities and you don’t find the key. The second problem is that they are expensive, and they can drive you straightly to the bankruptcy, lol


“The Trinkets”
Pedals of any kinds. The more you have the more you enjoy, they are like sex toys, someone could love them someone not, but for sure they couldn’t annoy you.


Juno 106, the legendary synth by Roland, has the same sound engine of the predecessor Juno 80, but unfortunately it doesn’t have the arpeggiator. It has a warm, raw sound. When you put his unique chorus it’s such a wild orgasm. It wraps you and it roars at the same time. Those pads, played at the right time, give to me the same feeling that comes from a victory.
Catch F.T.G live for Tenax Club here next Wednesday 22nd 21:30pm local time: https://www.facebook.com/TenaxOfficialPage/
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